Afghanistan And Islam


Regression Analysis Calculator  v.1.0

Calculates regression different models and tests includes Pearson's Correlation Coefficient, Ordinary Least Square, Coefficient of Determination, Statistical Test of Significance.

Bible Mapper Application  v.4.0

Many of the most important events in spiritual history occurred in a small region now called the Holy Land. In fact, three of the most important religions (Christianity, Judaism and Islam) exist side by side in that region.


Sword of Islam  v.0.3.5

Medieval Middle Eastern mod based on Rhye's and Fall of Civilizations for Civilization 4: Beyond the Sword. Features: -Medieval Middle Eastern setting: new map, 31 civs, UUs, UPs, UHVs, tech tree, units, buildings, wonders, music etc.

Hijri Shamsi Date  v.

Developed by Ahmad Jamshid Hashimi Afghanistan legally adopted the official Hijri Shamsi calendar in 1922. The Persian language in Afghanistan uses Dari names of the zodiacal signs, while the Pashto language in Afghanistan uses the Pashto names of

Manifold India Free Screensaver  v.2.0.1

India is unique country by its diversity. 8 world religions provided the unbelivable mixture of cultures, languages and traditions that live together. This screensaver will help you to make the virtual journey to India to see it on the desktop.

The Truth About Muhammad (by Robert Spencer)  v.

Expand your enjoyment of literature with THE TRUTH ABOUT MUHAMMAD by Robert Spencer (unabridged), presented by Blackstone Audio. This audiobook app was created with the Folium enhancedAudio™ framework,

Mystics and Saints of Islam  v.

An introduction into Islam Mysticism by Claude Field, covering the different phases of Islam and detailing a number of Islamic mystics and Saints. This is a full-length, quality digitized book. Mystics and Saints of Islam, by Claud Field, is

Combat Mission: Afghanistan  v.1.01

Combat Mission Afghanistan is the first collaboration between Battlefront and a third party studio to create a completely new game in the Combat Mission series.

Kalimat in Islam  v.

"Kalimat in Islam" is a collection of well-known Words (Kalimat). Right now the app contains Six Kalimat (Words) : Tayebba, Shahada, Tamjeed, Tawhid, Astagfahr and Radd Kufr. This Application is containing both text and audio. The translation of

Stories of Prophets in Islam  v.

Stories of Prophets in Islam is a collection of 29 stories. Praise be to Allah(swt) and peace & blessings be on his messenger Muhammad(pbuh). Stories of Prophets in Islam is a collection of 29 stories. It start's with the Story of Adam(pbuh) to the

The Future of Islam  v.

The Future of Islam by Wilfred Scawen Blunt is a series of lectures which looked at Islam during the beginning of the 20th Century, and tried to predict the future. See how close he came. Please Note that the book is stored on your phone and you do

Jalada Air Strike Afghanistan Windows  v.1.8.0

jalada Air Strike Afghanistan is your action flight simulator and combat game.

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